Mr. Marchetti is a practicing, fully licensed and certified Physics and Earth Science teacher in the state of New York.  With over ten years of teaching experience, Mr. Marchetti's students consistently yield high passing percentages on standardized exams (i.e. Physics Regents, AP Physics Exam B and Earth Science Regents).  His teaching methods along with his extensive knowledge of the subject matter are proven to help students raise their class grade percentages and to achieve outstanding grades on their end-of-year standardized exams. Mr. Marchetti is also a traveling tutor, which means he will come to your residence or place of study to meet your needs.

Physics is a combination of scientific and mathematical concepts and now more than ever, in our advancing technological world, an emphasis is being placed on high physics performance. In fact, many scholarships are awarded to students who show a proficiency in the field of physics. With Mr. Marchetti’s help, students are taught how to approach problems by organizing the information they receive. They are also taught how to effectively apply the information to solve homework and exam problems.
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